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This page is for indexing software packages that I write and maintain. Some packages are available on repositories (in which case you should download and install using the appropriate repository tools) and others are stored on my own server and can be downloaded directly from this website.

All of my software is free, open-source, and provided under the Gnu Public License 2.0 or later. Users should note that this software is in constant development and, while highest programming standards are followed in the coding of these tools, some errors may be present in the code or documentation from time-to-time. Users are encouraged to report errors to me and use the typical amount of caution afforded any open-source program: this author is not responsible for damage caused by any software to your system or to your credibility. All software is copyright Chris Marcum.

Packages for R

R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. Users contribute software packages that are archived and shared on the Comprehensive R Archive Network.

informR: R Tools for Creating Sequence Statistics
Tools for creating sequence statistics, especially for Butts's egocentric relational event model fitting software in the relevent R package
User Manual:
Change Log:

gooJSON: Google JSON Data Interpreter for R
A suite of helper functions for obtaining data from the Google Maps API JSON objects. Calls Google Maps API and returns results as an R data frame.
User Manual:
Change Log:

Miscellaneous Programs

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